January 30, 2010

Fond Topic Maps Memories

Today I have done some Web Archeology and dug up the 2004 version of the GooseWorks.org Web site. The project was intended to support the original idea of the Topic Maps paradigm as developed by Steven R. Newcomb when two camps of ideas started to emerge from the community.

I remember doing a ridiculous amount of coding to verify and track Steve's ideas and was joined by Sam Hunting who evangelized on the various markup conferences.

Well, that's history, but I thought it might be worthwhile to put the site back online with some of the source code. Might also be that I have done so much thinking this week about steady-states, bookmarks and cool URIs that I felt I had to bring the site back to life.

In case you are wondering what inspired the name, have a look at the posting that started it all. Besides, it had the cool double-O in it that was said back then to be a guarantee for a site's success :-)

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